Frustrated with math and Science? The internet can help!


I’m sure this is a common problem that many kids or college students come across. Out of all the subjects, mathematics and science seem to be the most frustrating. To me its easy to understand through my experience in HS and how most of the tutors at my college are specifically for math and are constantly busy. As for Physics, it was a different story. So if you find yourself in this dilemma, then perhaps you can use technology towards your advantage. One of my recommendations for those who are challenged by the difficulty of math (or even the sciences) is to check out the internet as you can certainly find videos and blogs about a certain topic in math or science.

For my first source, Its youtube, the place were you can find videos of the keyboard cat and amazing basketball trick shots. But beyond all of that material used for our daily procrastination is some really productive video. My favorite youtube channel to get a shot of knowledge is the Knan Academy ( This guy is a phenomenal teacher in my opinion, his approach is calm and he explains the technicalities of the subjects in a simple way that average joes can understand. I can admit that he has helped me a ton getting through my Calculus and Physics courses. If you have a nerdy side (like me) and find a great fascination in science then check out the Sixty Symbols (, which is basically a channel made from the University of Nottingham and they have their professors and staff Vlog about random science and mathematic topics (from Pi to the Large Hadron Colliders)

Another place to find some great teacher videos is MIT Open course ware (, I used this site specifically for Physics and they have great video lectures from Walter Lewin who is considered a legendary physics professor, making the stingy subject very fun through his hands-on experiments and energetic lectures.

My other and final place that has helped me with my math and/or science school work is a site called Wolfram alpha (, this site is the future of the internet and perhaps the nerdiest search engine. You can do plenty of things such as typing in problems from Algebra, Calculus, Physics, etc. and the site, just like a calculator solves the problems for you! Its also a great site to calculate nutrition, getting calculated results on mixtures of colors, and a whole bunch of other things that for me are irrelevant, but still fun to use.

So use the internet to your advantage. Not to cheat, but to find help and perhaps inspiration. Its amazing how much help there is nowadays, you shouldn’t even need an excuse on why you failed that Calculus or Physics class.


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