About Greg

Well I am the oldest child (by a small margin, I’m a twin) from a family of five including a couple of dogs and cats. I grew up in a small town of no more than 1,500 people where my parents also own a small, yet successful photography business. I love the lifestyle of living out in the country, where everyone seems to be your neighbor and the pace of life is dictated by the sunrise and the sunset. Personally I’m a soft spoken person, but Its perhaps because I put more value into what I say, but I stay strong to my opinions with great optimism 🙂

As for my current life I am a student at a college/University where I plan on getting a dual Bachelors degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering. I hope to someday be in a career where I will enjoy what I do, find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, I’m not in it for the benefits (going to most of those who are scrambling for the nursing programs). One of my optimistic dreams is to be a part of a team to help reconstruct Detroit, Its a city that has brought more to Americans than what they can imagine and It would be sad to let its great legacy go down forgotten forever. During my off time from school, I read a lot, do photography, graphic design, lots of exercising, and helping the local community out.


One Response to “About Greg”

  1. wow you write very well, alongside your engineering side– which, by myth, suggests inverse proportions haha 🙂

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