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I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that music is the international language. This statement implies that we can communicate our messages and emotions to anyone in the world through music. A person who only understands English may not understand a message when spoken in French, but play a “sad” song and I’ll guarantee that […]

This may be a sports article, but to those with an interest in history may find the article pretty neat as well. Personally I am huge sports fan as well as a big fan of history, so its an uber explosion when both come together in my brain 😀 Today we will look at one […]

I’m sure this is a common problem that many kids or college students come across. Out of all the subjects, mathematics and science seem to be the most frustrating. To me its easy to understand through my experience in HS and how most of the tutors at my college are specifically for math and are […]

Today I want to explain the benefits of running, not exercising in general, but just running as in getting up and going out for a 3-5 mile jog everyday. I want to emphasize running over any of the other exercises because I feel that out of them its the best form of exercise. Unfortunately its […]

Well I don’t know for some, but for me college starts back up in a couple of days which means to get out of “laid back” mode and back into being focused and thinking to myself “nothing is impossible”. For some it may mean summer fun is over, but either way here is my own […]